Direct Igniter Pellet Hopper FIX/Build Kit Smoker

Direct Igniter Pellet Hopper KIT 12" Pellet Smoker






Max temprature





  • Customizing: a reasonable and budget-friendly way of customizing your pellet smoker.
  • Easy cleaning: a convenient way of cleaning out ash and blowing off the flame.
  • Hefty hopper: a large hopper enables to hold up to 15 lbs of pellets.
  • Controller: dial-in digital controller.
  • Powder-coated sheet: it contains a powder-coated sheet for longevity.
  • Warranty: comes with one year warranty.


  • No manual: does not contain a manual book.
  • No sear box: the sear box is not included.
  • Complicated assembling: some can find it hard assembling the parts.

Time to fix your broken pellet stove, or you can DIY your own pellet stove at home! This fantastic kit comes with all the electrical components you will need to make your own great pellet smoker. You will only have to attach the pellet hopper to the smoker pit you like and build a heat deflector and a drip tray accordingly. This is the most convenient way to build your personalized pellet smoker. These types of units will also work with regular pellet stoves. 

We found this package that includes the pellet hopper body, one meat temperature sensor, a digital control screen, a steel burn pot, an RTD sensor probe, a 200W igniter, a 2 RPM auger motor, a combustion fan, and an auger shaft rod. All you need is to assemble it in your smoker pit, and you are ready to go!

Direct Igniter Pellet Hopper KIT 12" Pellet Smoker
Direct Igniter Pellet Hopper KIT 12″ Pellet Smoker

The RTD probe should be attached to the grill gate to keep it away from the flame or direct heat. We only needed to get a drip tray while everything else was available on hand. The drip tray made cleaning easy and a shield from direct flame. The features of the device are a 160 to 500-degree automatic starting. The smoke mode is also set to P mode, with an automatic shutdown mechanism and a range of different configurations.

The shutdowns leave the ventilator that contains a fan in service for five minutes and will quench the fire and blow the ash even before washing. Be sure that the directions verify how these configurations are used. Confirm your unit number, and view other YouTube tutorial videos not to forget anything until you replace your pellet grill. This product is made from black powder-coated steel to improve longevity and avoid rusting.

The auger is reasonably large to accommodate up to 15 pounds of pellets. Keep in mind that certain pellet flavors can be checked by switching them back around the pellet dump. A hinged grommet lid is also included in the kit. Finally, this product will work well with some common pellet grill marks like Traeger pellets, etc.

The cooking chamber is just 10,000 cubic inches having a cooking surface of 700 square inches. This size of the cooking chamber produces sufficient heat. The grill temperature probe reaches about 18 inches from the side of the upper hopper. 

It also features ‘anti-over cook’ that lets you set the temperature, and when the meat probe reaches this temperature, it will change the stove into an only smoke mode where it keeps the food warm without overcooking it. This piece of equipment is designed only for outdoor use and should not be used in a building, garage, shed porch, or enclosed area. 

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