Pit Boss Grills 77221 2.2 Digital Smoker

Pit Boss Grills 77221 2.2 Digital Smoker






Max temprature





  • Temperature control: cabinet temperature control from 100 to 400°F temperature range.
  • Meat probe: internal meat probe.
  • Warranty: one year warranty makes it easy to fix any issues, especially with its electric components.
  • LED Display: allows to read cabinet temperature digitally.
  • Double-walled: double-walled connection with extra insulation.
  • Wheels: caster wheels make it easy to move.


  • Defective Controller: some customers complained about the defective controller, but that may be rare.
  • Overheating: excessive smoke due to overheating may occur.
  • First-time users' difficulty: It may be difficult to control beginners' temperatures, but we managed it!

This verticle digital pellet smoker product is ideal for outdoor fun or cooking in your backyard. It is not just a simple black box. Bring your outdoor cooking to the next level and get this innovative Pit Boss 2 Series Digital Verticle Smoker, which is average in size while entailing all the important design features to uplift your dishes. It is 1650 watts and features a large front window that allows peeking inside what’s cooking. The cooking racks are 514sq. Inches coated with porcelain with locking caster wheels that make it easy to push the frames in and out. The water tray is also porcelain coated. The digital controller is easy to read and also features a meat probe and a smooth silvery finish. 

This advanced digital pellet smoker is designed by integrating an elevated stand that makes loading and unloading easy for chefs. The racking system has multiple positions to have enough room to smoke anything you desire. The huge front-load wood chip tray allows you to infuse the flavor of your choice into the smoker. Smoking your meat was never so easy before. Pit Boss smoker offers up to two hours of cooking in a single load. 

The elevated design provides an excellent opportunity to reach as high or as low as you need to. The temperature ranges from 100°F to as high as 400°F with the security of doubled walled blanket insulation. A LED display reads the temperature of the closet that makes it much convenient. The high-temperature range allows you to get the crisp skin on the poultry and that bark layer on beef and pork. 

The Digital Smoker has a heating element wrap around which you can change the amount of smoke to your preferred needs, and after 3 hours, the auto-shutdown operation starts. The high-temperature selection not only allows you to smoke but also to bake meat, pizzas, cake, or vegetables. It weighs only 58lbs and 23 inches, so you can easily carry out for camping and picnics. You can make up to 30lbs of food at a single go. 

Sometimes defective models may get shared, and users complain about faulty controllers and issues with overheating. Due to overheating, excessive smoke may be produced that which is extremely unhealthy. We are grateful for the high-temperature sealed door and a large glass window that allows you to view inside. You can also contact Pit Boss customer service through their social media sites. One year warranty covers all the electrical parts—the auto shut-off safety feature aids in overheating. 

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