Best Electric Charcoal Starters for 2023

For a barbecue enthusiast, the kick only gets going once the grill is on but isn’t always the easiest task. Especially if you don’t have accelerants such as lighter fluid or other chemicals to get the grill going, this can end up being pesky. And even after lightening it, it alters the taste of the food, which doesn’t favour the entire persona of barbecue. Due to these reasons, many people consider electric charcoal starters over the conventional methods that are super easy to use and don’t pollute your food.

Factoring in their popularity, there is a wide variety of electric grill starters available, inciting confusion on what to choose. We tried them all and shortlisted 6 best electric charcoal starters to make it easy for you!

Top Electric Charcoal Starters

Ivation Premium 500W Electric Charcoal Starter – ⭐Best overall charcoal starter

If you are seeking a powerful, durable and reliable electric charcoal starter, then this one should be your choice. Whether you want to ignite the charcoal, briquettes, or fire pits, this electric charcoal lighter ensures to do it quickly and efficiently, saving the charm of the night.

Being an electricity infused starter, it is super safe as there is no danger of fumes or unpleasant chemicals. Considering how children are the life of every barbecue dinner, one needs to make sure that it’s safe to be around, which is exactly what this electric coal started aims for. 

It is equipped with a double-ring design that directly connects the heating element with the coals for faster and safer lighting. At the same time, the long, angled handle keeps your hand at a safe distance from the heat. 

We live in a world that holds environmental friendliness imperative. Ivation certifies to do that by indemnifying your family and the plant from harmful chemicals whenever you decide on having an outdoor grilling. So now, you can enjoy your family dinners or parties and grill with the peace of mind of not harming your environment. 

What we like

  • Totally chemical-free
  • Double-ring design for faster light up
  • Safely designed handle to keep away the heat

What we don’t like

  • Short cord

Char-Broil Electric Charcoal Starter – ⭐Best budget-friendly charcoal starter

This amazing electric charcoal starter makes sure to heat up your coals within no time and get onto relishing your scrumptious meat. The elimination of lighter fluid is the speciality of all-electric charcoal starters, but this starter needs a generation of 550 watts to 120 Volts to light up the briquette piles. 

Another one of the amazing features that impressed us was the heat resistant handle. Most of us are always scared when lightening up the coals, even when there is no chance of fumes. But with this handle, you can easily light up the coals without the hesitation of heat crawling up to your hands. 

Huge electric coal starters can become an issue when storing, but this one delivers convenience during usage and otherwise as well. So, whether you are lightening a bonfire or grilling beef patties, this Electric charcoal starter will act as a highly supporting factor at the beginning of your special night.

What we like

  • Heat-resistant handle 
  • Generation of 550 watts to 120 volts
  • Easy to store

What we don’t like

  • Short cord

Upgraded NutriChef Premium BBQ Grill Starter – ⭐Best lightweight charcoal starter

This electric charcoal starter works on the motto of safety, simplicity, and durability. Eliminating the need for lighter fluid makes sure to ignite the coals safely, efficiently, and quickly. This means you wouldn’t have to sit down for several minutes, which seems like hours, waiting for the fire to start up. This also ensures mitigating the risk of injury to the user.

For the electric grill starter to show its magic, all you need to do is click the button, and the grill will start going most effortlessly. With a 4.9-foot power cord included, its simple operation will persuade you to use it as your go-to electric fire starter outdoors. 

While it is designed to support simplicity, it is also induced with the powerful operation. A grill that weighs less than 3 pounds is equipped with a 600-watt heating element, which amazed you at its powerful results. When it comes to convenience and potent results, this charcoal starter presents itself as the perfect blend.

The charcoal grill electric starter is a family-friendly and environmentally-friendly device that ensures safety from all damaging chemicals. The heat-resistant handle adds up to the device’s value, while its easy to clean surface provides convenience. 

If you are looking for an examplary product that ignites a larger surface area of coal, then this is the product to choose.

What we like

  • Effortless operation
  • Lightweight 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Heat resistant handle 

What we don’t like

  • The design is too large to fit in some charcoal chimneys 

HomeRight Electro-Torch C900085 Fire Starter -⭐ Best versatile charcoal starter

This is probably the greatest gift for campers and grillers that makes your cook fest super-efficient and easy. This electric fire starter for the grill allows you to easily ignite your barbecue grill, campfire, or wood fireplace without using matches or fluid. 

The grill and campfire need to light up within minutes for a camping enthusiast because that’s when the night starts. This electric fire starter keeps that in mind and ignites the fire in less than a minute. If you want a bigger fire, keep giving the heat for 2-3 minutes, and it will start to roar. 

It gives off high-heated air to fan the flames and get it to the intensity you like with its dual-ignition switch. The first one gives heated air to ignite the fire, while the second one increases the velocity of the air to fan the flames. 

The electric coal starter ensures that your food doesn’t taste chemicals, which is why it is a total chemical-free alternative. In addition, the company offers a 2-year warranty, which speaks for its reliability and credibility. If you have a camper with family or friends, this electric charcoal starter can be an ideal gift on holidays. 

What we like

  • Dual-ignition switch
  • 2 years warranty
  • Efficient to use

What we don’t like

  • Switch is unlockable
  • Short cord

BISON AIRLIGHTER 520, Cordless Fire Starter – ⭐Best battery-powered charcoal starter 

No one likes their lighter fluid to finish up right at the moment of starting a fire; neither would you want the petrifying use of matchsticks to light up the fire at the big night. Bison sways away your worries cordless electric charcoal lighter that propagates the fire with its fan. Whether you are burning a campfire, charcoal grill, pizza oven, or wood fireplace, this electric fire starter works great for all. 

The charcoal starter provides 30 minutes of air boost, which is more than enough for a night. Even if you need more of it, it can be recharged later using a standard USB cable. It is equipped with a refillable butane tank that delivers 15 minutes of burn time. 

The electric grill starter holds several other features that add value to the device. The barrel remains cool to touch, making it convenient to burn, while the ergonomic handle supports easy handling. The hanging hook and safety lock adds layers of safety to the device in case you have kids around. It also has a bottle opener, and twin-bulb LED flashlight to double up the fun and ease in your night. 

What we like

  • 30 minutes of air boost
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safety locks

What we don’t like

  • Does not present a good option to clip it to the side of the grills

Looftlighter – Original Electric Fire and Charcoal Starter

Whether it’s lightening the charcoal grills, pizza oven, briquettes, or fireplaces, you need an efficient lighter that gets the job done within minutes. Looflighter’s electric coal starter is ultra-fast in this aspect which gets your coals glowing within 60 seconds. What’s better than that?

The best part is its versatility which takes over the rest. It isn’t just specifically designed for barbecue grills but several other places that require fire starters. It smoulders your fire pits, bonfires, ovens, and grills within a fraction of a minute. 

When it comes to igniting a fire, one always needs to prioritize safety. Looflighter understands that completely with its super safe electric charcoal lighter. This means that you do not need any sort of gas, fluids and there won’t be any flames. In addition, it is covered in a safety casing that cools down within seconds after use. 

We all remember the lighter fluid’s smelly memory, and most of us remained frustrated from it. However, this electric grill starter omits that irritation from its features as there is no toxic chemicals or CO2 emission. 

Another amazing feature of this electric charcoal starter is that it doesn’t throw flames but blows hot airstream at 1256 degrees Fahrenheit. This adds another layer to making your barbecue preparation quick, safe, and clean.

What we like

  • Super-fast lightening
  • Versatile 
  • Has a safety casing
  • Doesn’t produce flames

What we don’t like

  • Some report on the aluminium cover meting off
  • Have to hold onto the buttons the entire time

What are the factors to consider when buying an Electric Fire Starters?

Every electric charcoal starter has its speciality or uniqueness. All starters come with a separate set of features, making it tough for you to choose the best one. In order to do that, there are a couple of factors that you need to keep in mind before making a final purchase:

Wired or battery

Most of the electric grill starter models mentioned above come with a cord that lets you plug the start into a power outlet. This keeps it hassle-free and convenient to use, but it also indicates that you would need a power outlet nearby to use it. This means that if you are lightening up a bonfire in your backyard, you’d require an extension cord to use the electric fire starter.

There are battery-operated models, which makes it easy to use, especially if you are out camping. But to use these, you need to pack some extra batteries in case it runs out. If the electric grill starter is rechargeable, then you can just charge it when the battery runs out. 

Material used

Materials used to build up an electric coal starter are super essential, especially because you will use these devices near heat. For this, the best choice considered is stainless steel as it is durable, robust, and doesn’t corrode. Handles should be made up of plastic or rubber that lasts well and should be heat-resistant for comfortable handling. You wouldn’t want your hand to be getting the burn while starting the grill. So, make sure it is cool to touch, plus it would keep it from melting or burning itself. When it comes to the cord, it should be heavy-duty to mitigate all kinds of possibilities of damage. Being shock-resistant would add up to the overall safety experience of using an electric charcoal lighter. 


One of the major reasons electric charcoal starters are so famous is for being an alternative to a lighter fluid that is harmful to the environment. People are getting exponentially aware of the detrimental value of toxic chemicals. Electric fire starters work against toxicity and emission of chemicals to the environment, making it safe for the environment and family members. 


Another faucet that you need to consider when buying a charcoal grill electric starter is its dimensions. Your electric grill starter needs to have its dimensions aligned with the dimensions of your grill. You wouldn’t want your fire starter to be larger than your barbecue grill and then spiking up hassles in finding the perfect angle to light up the fire. 

At the same time, a smaller electric coal starter would need to be placed right in the middle of the barbecue, while the charcoal will need to be piled over the other end. Once lit, you’ll have to spread it all over the surface area. 

Size also plays a major role in storage and movement. A bigger coal starter would be difficult to carry and move around. So, look for one that’s portable. 


 Another huge factor to consider is the economic feasibility of purchasing an electric coal starter. Lighter fluids are expensive and are a bigger fuss if you run out of them. On the other hand, electric grill starters are a one-time investment that delivers value for a long time.

Final verdict 

Electric coal starters are a wonderful alternative to lighter fluids and matchsticks. They manifest safety, durability, and efficiency. No matter what your use is, they make sure to ignite the flames within no time, saving you a lot of time and energy. We have mentioned our top 6 picks of electric fire starters with a buying guide to make your decision easier.

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