Best Kamado Grills

The kamado grill has been around for many decades. The history of ceramic kamado dates back to ancient China, but these clay kilns still exist today due to their durability, extreme versatility, and superior ceramic construction characteristics (although some of the latest models are constructed with metal).

A lot of kamado grills are produced annually from various manufacturers. With this in mind, selecting the right option might not be very easy. You must be very patient to make a perfect comparison of all the available kamado grills and select the best ones. That’s why we bring you the best kamado grills – use it to quickly find the model you want!

Top 8 Kamado Grills




Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Charcoal Grill
✔️Dimensions: 26.4 x 26.4 x 36 inches
✔️Weight: 250 Pounds
✔️Cooking Space: 245 sq. in
✔️Heating Range: 225°F – 750°F
✔️Type: Kamado Grill

Char-Griller E06614 Charcoal Grill
✔️Dimensions: 20.5 x 21.5 x 25.3 inches
✔️Weight:37 Pounds
✔️Cooking Space: 153 sq. in.
✔️Heating Range: 210°F – 600°F
✔️Type: Kamado Grill

Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill
✔️Dimensions: 26.6 x 24.8 x 21.65 inches
✔️Weight: 60 pounds
✔️Cooking Space: 447 sq. Inch
✔️Heating Range: 200°F – 700°F
✔️Type: Kamado Grill

Char-Griller E6520 Kamado Cart Charcoal Grill
✔️Dimensions: 45.2 x 47.4 x 31.3 inches
✔️Weight: 106 pounds
✔️Cooking Space: 730 sq. Inch
✔️Heating Range: N/A
✔️Type: Kamado Grill

Pit Boss 71220 Kamado Cooker
✔️Dimensions: 45.9 x 29.1 x 52 inches
✔️Weight: 178 pounds
✔️Cooking Space: 567 sq. Inch
✔️Heating Range: up to 700°F
✔️Type: Kamado Grill

Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic I Charcoal Grill
✔️Dimensions: 46.5 x 28 x 48 inches
✔️Weight: 188 pounds
✔️Cooking Space: 254 sq. Inch
✔️Heating Range: 225°F – 750°F
✔️Type: Kamado Grill

Primo Grills and Smokers 773 All in On Kamado Grill
✔️Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40 inches
✔️Weight: 150 pounds
✔️Cooking Space: 280 sq. Inch
✔️Heating Range:  up to 700°F
✔️Type: Kamado Grill

Char-Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado Portable Charcoal
✔️Dimensions: 6.6 x 24.8 x 21.65 inches
✔️Weight: 90 pounds
✔️Cooking Space: 447 sq. Inch
✔️Heating Range:  200°F – 700°F
✔️Type: Kamado Grill

Top Kamado Grills Reviewed

Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Charcoal Grill, 18 inches

The kamado-style grill originated over 3,000 years ago in parts of China, where primitive kamado grill was created from natural resources such as clay. Today smokers like the Kamado Joe Classic II present a number of key elements of traditional kamado design as well as some modern elements. First, the Ceramic Shell Classic II has an 18-inch grill for all your smoking, toasting, and baking needs.  

Easily cook meals with fried garnishes, or cook different meals, such as char-grilled minced meat or vegetables. If you want to store food separately, you can use the Classic II double grill to prepare different foods at different temperatures, however, at the same time.

What We Like:

  • The grill system generates high levels of heat: the main body of the Kamado Joe Classic II grid is made of 1.25-inch thick ceramic to retain the heat. This design helps maintain a more even temperature.
  • Several cooking methods are performed: Kamado Joe Classic II grill uses two split valves that can be heated directly or indirectly. These bowls create perfect conditions for baking and cooking.
  • This product has an excellent warranty: The Kamado Joe Classic II grill has a lifetime warranty that covers defects in its ceramic parts and materials.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Heavy lid and some might find it difficult to use
  • The cooking surface is limited, especially for the price.
  • Product design makes it heavy.

Char-Griller E06614 Charcoal Grill

What this grill has in common with conventional ceramic grills is its design. Like the large grill, this model is designed to mimic the indoor cooking environment of highly-priced clay ovens, so you can not only grill a steak but also cook foods like vegetables, ribs, pizza, and bread. The exterior is made of thick steel and has a traditional ceramic egg shape. The inside of the grill is covered with a patented ceramic material from Char-Griller. Unfortunately, there are no wheels here, which would make it a lot easier to move the grill from one place to another.

What We Like:

  • Grate – A cast iron grill perfectly distributes heat over the entire cooking surface, shortening cooking time.
  • Cooking Surface – The surface area is 153 square inches, half the size of the original full-size Char-Griller.
  • Assembly – Apart from the lid, the grill is also fully assembled. The stand and handle must also be tightened. It takes ten to fifteen minutes to assemble the grill.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some shipping issues reported
  • Slight off-gassing, a short burn-in period needed to dissipate the odor

Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill

The grill provides 314 square inches of main cooking surface on the cast iron grill and an additional 133 inches on the top rack, providing enough space for cooking, smoking, etc. Whether it’s the low-speed wind, slow wind, or hot wind, you can maintain a temperature of 200 to 700 degrees. There are numbers on the tabs; remembering your best position is easy. 

What We Like:

  • Retains the heat – The grill instructions explain how to light the fire for low and high heat cooking and include diagrams that define two vents. They also warned that if the temperature is much higher than the required level, it may need some time before cooling down. Therefore, it is important to monitor the temperature while the grill is heating up.
  • Looks good in the yard – Same as most Kamado grills, AKORN Char grills are egg-shaped with a hinged lid and cooking net. However, unlike the traditional Kamados, its steel body is coated with porcelain instead of ceramic.
  • Incredibly easy – Not only did the nonstick seasoning release our food easily, but it also made the grates easy to clean after we were done grilling. The removable ash pan at the bottom of the grill also helped streamline the cleanup process.
  • The non-stick seasoning not only loosens food easily but also makes it easier to clean the grate after grilling. The removable ashtray at the bottom of the grid also simplifies the cleaning process.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Build Quality – While the Akorn Kamado Kooker isn’t “bad,” it’s not the same as Kamado Joe, for example. You get what you paid for, and since this is a low budget product, you cannot expect the build quality to be incredible.
  • The learning curve can be overwhelming – if you’re used to conventional grilling, kamado cooking is a completely different experience. Learning it instantly is fun but can be frustrating. If you control the temperature with a digital thermometer and remember that lowering the temperature is much more difficult than raising it, it should not be difficult for you.
  • Steel is not ceramic – this is a controversial point, but we think Kamado’s ceramics are far superior to steel. It can retain its temperature better, and we think it can be good for cooking generally. Steel can also rust.

Char-Griller E6520 Kamado Cart Charcoal Grill

If you are looking for storage space, the E6520 is for you. This trolley-style grill has a long shelf and a low grill for preparing garnishes and storing spices and utensils. And other coals. It is as insulated as the E16620 and has an adjustable sealing cap and shock absorbers to help maintain the correct temperature.

This model also provides a total of 447 square inches of cooking surface, including 314 square inches on the main grill and a 133-inch heating rack. Like E16620, it is equipped with a cast iron grill for even heat distribution. The firebox and lid are also made of 22 gauge steel. Although this material does not retain heat like ceramics, the double-wall structure helps to compensate for this problem. However, please note that the outside temperature will be higher than expected when using a kamado grill.

What We Like:

  • Fast and efficient heating
  • Very heavy two-layer construction
  • They are widely used in a variety of cooking.
  • Plenty of space for cooking and storage

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some shipping issues reported
  • The weight of the cart is relatively fragile.
  • The outside is hotter than most kamado grills.

Pit Boss 71220 Kamado Cooker

If your mind is on a ceramic grill, but you need something cheaper than Kamado Joe, Pit Boss is worth checking out. Pit Boss is a trusted name in the grilling industry, and their brand is very important on this website!

It should be noted in particular that the Pit Boss 71220 Kamado ceramic grill cooker is a good choice, but the cost is slightly lower.

It has all the main design and construction features you can get from the best kamado grill. The robust ceramic valve body and tamper switch are easy to use, allowing you to fully control the temperature. In the final analysis, these two functions are the core of the special qualities of ceramic Kamado grill.

What We Like:

  • Nice price point, all things considered, for a ceramic kamado grill.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find something this size and quality for this price.
  • Core features are great; namely, the heavy-duty ceramic construction and tamper make temperature control a breeze.  Temperatures can get up to 700 degrees.
  • Lots of cooking space with a dual-tier cooking grate.  662 square inches of the total cooking area is a lot for a kamado grill.
  • Good quality and low price considering all the needs of the Kamado ceramic grill. It will be difficult for you to find the right size and quality products at the right price.
  • The basic function is excellent, which means that the robust ceramic structure and the anti-disassembly function make temperature control a breeze. The temperature can reach up to 700 degrees.
  • The double-layer grill can provide plenty of space for cooking. The total cooking area of ​​the kamado grill is 662 square inches.

What We Don’t Like:

  • You have to purchase a heat deflector if you plan on smoking or indirect cooking, which is a tiny bit annoying as both of these cooking methods are part of the appeal of a kamado.
  • Maintaining consistent low temperatures has been a challenge for some owners.  Pit Boss doesn’t specify how low the temperature range goes, but they market this grill as a smoker, so we’d reasonably expect for it to go as low as 225°F.  Some owners have mentioned that the fit of the vent made maintaining a low temp tough.
  • You should buy a heat sink if you want to smoke or cook indirectly, which is a bit annoying, as both cooking methods are part of the kamado pull.
  • Some owners find it difficult to keep temperatures low. There is no specification of how low the temperature range should be; however, this grill is advertised as a smoker. Therefore, we assume that it will drop to 22 ° C. Some owners mentioned that it was difficult to maintain a low temperature by installing a fan.

Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic I Charcoal Grill

Kamado Joe Classic I contains the latest innovation with a thick-walled heat-resistant housing that retains smoke and moisture at any temperature. Smoke at 225 ° F and good temperature control with our Controlled top Ventilation, or raise the fire to 750 ° F and direct charcoal-scented direct heat onto the 2-Tier Divide & Conquer grill system. Kamado Joe Classic Charcoal Grill I is compatible with a wide range of Kamado Joe accessories and grill surfaces to give you great results for any type of grill or smoking.

What We Like:

  • The grill design retains heat and moisture and makes temperature control easier.
  • The flexible Divide & Conquer cooking system makes the humble grill the most powerful cooking tool in your arsenal. The revolutionary multi-tiered crescent design allows you to cook different dishes in different styles at various temperatures.
  • A pull-out drawer makes cleaning easier. Unlike other kamado-style grills, you no longer need to remove the grill’s internal components to clean up the ashes. Just remove the patented ash drawer, dispose of the ash, and continue grilling! 

What We Don’t Like:

  • The grill is more expensive than your average grill. Therefore, if you are aiming to buy a grill on a budget, then this might not be the best option for you. 
  • This part of the grill might not be too strong as many buyers have complained about receiving a faulty lid and cracked insert.

Primo Grills and Smokers 773 All-in-One Kamado Round Grill with Cradle Shelves

Primo grill is the only ceramic grill made in the United States. Engineers from a major university worked with Primo to perfect the homemade ceramics used and their combustion temperature. This process leads to creating a kamado, which absorbs and stores heat and reflects heat. This can reduce air movement during cooking. Reduced air movement means that the food you are cooking will not dry out.

This also means that there will be a reduction in fuel consumption in this process. If you lift the lid of the Primo grill, it will only take a few minutes to return to the cooking temperature. For a reflective kamado grill, it can take more than 10 minutes. You can also prepare large dishes, indirect cooking, and regional cooking with oval kamados patented by Primo.

What We Like:

  • Lid: Primo offers the highest balanced lid, allowing you to cook a full chicken and turkey in a vertical position.
  • Rotating wheels: With four rotating wheels, you can easily move it, and you can lock the two wheels to ensure stability when grilling.
  • Hinge system: The easy-to-lift and lock hinge system can hold the lid in place, and when the lid is opened and closed with a cold handle, the closure of the soft felt seal could protect the ceramic.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Inside might get moldy if not used.
  • Large and heavy

Char-Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado portable Charcoal

Char-Griller Portable charcoal grill Akorn Jr. Kamado is equipped with double dampers, heat Gauge, and three layers of insulated steel for excellent grilling. Cast iron cooking grates can reduce burner crackling, and you can grill more using less charcoal. The easily removable ash pan is convenient, quick, and easy to clean. The hinged lid makes cooking easier and keeps the lid in place while cooking. AKORN Jr. Kamado offers easy portability and portability with integrated handles and a lockable lid. Perfect for hiking, camping, grilling in the park, or grilling in your garden. Main cooking area: 153 square inch

What We Like:

  • Promotes uniformity of calories and improves flavor
  • Keep the heat like premium ceramic grills.
  • More durable, more accessible, and lighter than the ceramic grid
  • Simple ashtray and hinged lid
  • Compact and portable design, ideal for backsplash and camping

What We Don’t Like:

  • Might be quick to rust
  • Manufacturers might not honor warranties. 

What is a Kamado Grill

Kamado grills get their name from the term used to describe a traditional Japanese cooking device called kamado. Traditional kamado composed of clay or other ceramic material to create a large urn or egg-like container, like a tandoor, whose round/oval shape and heavy construction provided unique culinary benefits.


One of the significant advantages of the Kamado grill is cooking around the campfire. And the food you cook in it is infused with good smoky flavor and is delicious. Kamados can also do almost all types of backyard kitchens. Every barbecue enthusiast knows food cooked with firewood is delicious. This is just one of the reasons why people like solid wood Kamado grill solid wood grids. Another reason is that kamado chefs who know how to cook can handle almost any backyard barbecue challenge you give them. In fact, depending on how skilled and practiced you are, kamado can change your Gas Grill routine.


  • Kamado grills are far from being lightweight (heavy)! Getting it to the beach might not be easy.
  • They have a very steep learning curve. To get the most out of your kamado grill, you need to learn how to use it.
  • Kamado takes time before it finally cools down. If you overdo it, you’ll have to wait!

How to Use a Kamado Grill

Lump Charcoal – Use only 100% natural charcoal. Briquetted charcoal contains additives that give off odors and can be absorbed by the ceramic.

Lighting – There are many acceptable methods of lighting your charcoal, such as by using a lamp. B. a charcoal fireplace, an electric starter, or fire starters/matches. Never use the liquid for lighters!

Avoid lighter liquids – lighter liquids will contaminate kamado with chemicals, and this can be absorbed by ceramics affecting your food.


Ash – Because natural charcoal produces a small quantity of ash, it is advisable you dispose of them after each use. Use an ash removal tool to shake the remaining charcoal in the combustion box and remove the ash. The ash is poured out of the grate, and disposing of it is straightforward. The ash vacuum makes it easier to remove dust, especially after a long time of cooking.


The tightness of the Grill Band – Always checks the tightness of the band from time to time.

Gasket Replacement – Over time, the gasket material at the connection between the base and the dome will be damaged. Depending on how much you cook, it may need to be changed every few years. To replace the gasket, purchase a gasket replacement kit and follow the instructions.

Prolonged storage and off-season storage – To protect your grill for long periods without use, it is recommended that you use a grill cover for indoor and outdoor storage.

What are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Kamado Grill?


Either you know it or not, the shape of your kamado charcoal grill has a significant impact on your cooking skills. Although all kamado grills are very similar, there is not much difference between oval and round (or egg-shaped) models. The two shapes of kamado have their own advantages that are suitable for different types of cooking. Hence, it is good to know the differences and leverage them.

Kamado Accessories

The accessories widely available vary and depend on the manufacturer. It is important to prioritize this as accessories go a long way to making kamado charcoal grills versatile. For example, Dividers and heat deflectors plates open up a new world of indirect cooking for grillers who want to try new things. Kamado Joe is the best in terms of accessories: the brand has stacked grills, a hyperbolic smokehouse, DoJoe pizza oven equipment, and many more.

Kamado Chimneys

Since the exhaust vent (or chimney) at the upper part of your kamado has direct exposure to the elements during cooking, we recommend that you find a powerful stainless steel grill and chimney. Tight ventilation settings are equally vital. It’s also a good idea to make sure your chimney is waterproof, just in case your grate is exposed to rain … or you can buy a grate cover and not worry about rain at all!

Kamado Vent Hoods

There are many things to consider with built-in charcoal kamados, but an external vent hood is also useful. Many vent hood manufacturers do not allow charcoal grills to be placed under their vents because these stoves do not have a maximum detectable heating temperature. If you want to incorporate a kamado grill, you need to make sure that it has been authorized by your hood brand. Otherwise, the hood warranty may be void.

Work Surfaces

This might not be very important; however, having a place to set utensils, sauces, seasoning, and in the summer, your frosty drinks. And that’s why you need to look for a kamado grill that comes with work surfaces.


If you are a grill lover, kamado grill is perfect if you want to have the best grilling experience. It is durable, versatile and perfectly constructed. Even if you are a first-time griller you can always learn while you use it.