Bradley Smoker BS611 Digital Electric Smoker Review 2021

Bradley Smoker BS611 Original Smoker






Max temprature





  • A consistent automatic wood feeder
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 4 removable racks
  • Stainless Steel interior


  • Maximum temperature is only 250 degrees

This is a very ideal smoker if you are going to have guests around the house for a casual get together in the backyard for weekends. The Bradley digital smoker is a self contained, self automated electric digital smoker that gives the user the convenience of not having to worry too much if your meats are going to turn out under cooked of worse, overcooked, as you have to contend with entertaining your guests while you are  cooking at the same time. Bradley’s automatic digital control module helps you preset your smoker’s temperature, cooking time and even the amount of smoke including the frequency of how the wood pellets will be loaded into the smoke generator until your meats are well cooked. This smoker controls the smoke it produces so efficiently that you will hardly notice it, as it is all controlled by it’s main module which is also the smoke generator itself.

bradley digital 4 rack

The smoke generator is attached to the left side of the main cooking chamber in which a small opening allows a protruding portion of the smoke generator to fit into the main cooking chamber. This portion of the smoking chamber also functions as the wood pellet dispenser, in which there is also a 125 watt heating element that enables the wood chips to be cooked in a controlled environment without burning it. The smoke generator module is one of the most important proponents that makes the Bradley digital smoker perform as efficient as it is, even to the point of loading the wood pellets in the proper order and in the proper time, coinciding with the cooking temperature that you have programed through it’s control panel.

Another convenient feature of this electrical digital smoker is it’s efficient way in managing how the wood pellets are cooked in the most effective manner. Although it is highly recommended to use Bradley’s self formulated flavor wood bisquettes and pellets, other brands of wood pellets can work just as well. Be advised that the main heating element of the cooking chamber (500 watts) does not in any way control how the wood pellets are smoked, as it is the smoke generator that controls that aspect using it’s 125 watt heating element. Wood pellets are automatically loaded into the smoke generator through a open loading vent on top of the smoking generator. Putting 2 pieces of wood pellets will not load a single piece into the machine as you need to stack up to 4 pieces as it is needs to push in one wood pellet at a time. Each wood pellet is efficiently cooked for about 20 minutes, providing the adequate amount of smoke which will put flavor on your meat.

After the wood pellets have been completely cooked off, it will be automatically ejected and discarded into the water pan that has been placed inside of the main cooking chamber. This will automatically trigger a new piece of wood pellet that will be inserted into the smoke generator until such time that your meat has been properly cooked or until the programmed time which you have set has finally been reached in whichever order it may come first. By this manner of automated controlled cooking, the smoke generator eliminates high temperature gases, acids and even unwanted resin build up that is caused by burning up the wood pellets instead of steadily cooking it, which can render your smoked meats an unpleasant appearance in regards to giving it a burnt look and taste, thus avoiding any unwanted smells or aftertastes. This will result in a very clean and ideal process that will enable you to enjoy the natural flavors of the foods that you have smoked.

To give you an idea of how much wood pellets it would take to achieve a certain amount of time to cook your meats, it can be broken down to an hour of every cooking time. This digital smoker consumes approximately 3 wood pellets every hour, which does not have anything to do with the cooking temperature of your main cooking chamber, as the process of smoking the wood pellets are solely controlled by the smoking generator. If you will be cooking for 4 hours, you will be using 12 wood pellets respectively. This electric digital smoker offers 2 types of smoking methods that you can apply when you want to cook your meats, namely hot smoking and cold smoking. In terms of hot smoking, ideal temperatures usually range between 180 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and anything that goes beyond the 250 degree mark will eventually burn your meat to a crisp, added to this, it may also start to burn your wood pellets rather than smoke them, causing unwanted burnt resins from the wood pellets to stick on your meats.

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