Dyna-Glo Analog DGU505BAE-D 30″ Electric Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGU505BAE-D 30" Analog Electric Smoker






Max temprature





  • Delicious smoky flavor with a built-in temperature gauge and a smoke-zone with the perfect temperature range.
  • Dyna-Glo DGU505BAE-D 30" Analog Electric Smoker is an efficient verticle smoker. These types of designs result in easy heat and smoke flow.
  • The manual-control temperature knob and stainless temp gauge allow for accurate heat control and monitoring.
  • This analog electric smoker is fitted with side access for the wood chip loader to promote the process of inserting wood chips while minimizing smoke and heat loss.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • No digital control
  • No glass on the doors
  • No wheels for moving.

Dyna-Go DGU505BAE-D 30″ Analog Electric Smoker provides an easy and efficient cooking experience with various features that makes the grilling and smoking experience just simple. This electric smoker comes with three customizable chrome-plated cooking grates and makes a 505 square inches of cooking space inside the smoker. It also features a smoke-zone temperature gauge, which indicates the best temperature range for infusing flavors of smoke. The manual temperature control dial and stainless temperature gauge allow precise heat control and monitoring. This analog electric smoker is fitted with a side access wood chip loader to promote the process of inserting wood chips while minimizing smoke and heat loss. As long as you set the temperature correctly, the 1650-watt heating element helps you to smoke any form of food. The doors have a locking mechanism, but they are not flawless, so you can occasionally, but slightly, sense the heat flowing out. It does not have wheels; however, it is still easy to carry around with only 46.3 pounds of weight.


The spacious 505 square inches cooking area has three customizable cooking grills hence a good choice for big families and friends to get together. After setting the analog controller’s temperature, the gauge on the door will let you see what the temperature is inside without the need to open the door. The 1650 heating element will cook the food for you just perfectly unless you set the temperature right. The door locking system is available, but it is not so perfect, and you may feel some heat coming out of it. Smoke follows the least resistant direction, so you’ll see some smoke coming from around the door, but this won’t change the smoker’s quality or efficiency.


  • 1500 watt burner provides plentiful cooking power even in colder climates.
  • For precise heat control and monitoring, a manual-control temperature dial and the stainless temp gauge is present.
  • You can put your favorite wood chips without heat loss through the side access wood chip loader.
  • Infuse deliciously smoky flavors by using the built-in temperature gauge.


This is quite a simple and basic analog electric smoker with not many advanced features. This allows easy to operate by beginners. The cleanliness is also simple without causing much damage to the body. You won’t need any hassles of propane and charcoal and still enjoy the perfect savory smoked meat. The racks can be simply removed and cleaned after every use.


Dyna-Glo Dgu505bae-D 30″ Analog Electric Smoker gives a limited warranty to its customers. The retail purchaser gets a warranty against any defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of buying. However, damage caused due to improper fuel, misuse, or use contrary to the owner’s guidelines would not be compensated. Along with this, failure to perform general maintenance would cancel out this warranty.


This verticle smoker is not only suitable outside, but it can easily be accommodated indoors because of its slim, narrow, and high body design. It does not take much space, and it is not too hard to move around even without the wheels. People who like to have smoky meat and other foods can enjoy this smaller version of a smoker. It is also impartially easy to use, and you can enjoy your weekend by simply smoking your food during a sunny weekend.

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