Best Hibachi Grills

Best Japanese Hibachi Grills in 2023

The Japanese-styled Hibachi grills are all the rage these days, and for all good reasons. They’re a highly portable yet affordable charcoal grill that lets you focus on cooking with just enough heat to sear your food without losing any of its moisture or flavor! Hibachi grills have become an all-inclusive symbol of summertime fun and happiness–a chance to cook up some tasty kebabs or even a full-blown feast on one of these simple but effective appliances.

We’ve rounded up some best Hibachi grill options out of hundreds present in the market by testing them. Our latest round-up includes the best of them all, so take advantage before these Japanese grills sell out again this month.

Top 5 Hibachi Grills Are Reviewed

Giantex Charcoal Grill Hibachi Grill – ⭐Best Overall

Giantex Charcoal Grill Hibachi Grill


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The following product will be perfect for your outdoor adventures. It’s an excellent choice if you want to cook food outside on a grill or smoker, and it can even double as a temporary shelter in case of emergency. 

Giantex has specially designed this charcoal grill with a unique feature. This double-sided hibachi grill has two different heights so that you can adjust them according to your cooking needs, and it’s ready for action right out of the box! You’ll love how easy access they provide on both sides – perfect when trying new recipes or just wanting something more convenient than using wood chunks inside another firepan.

Though cast iron cookware must be seasoned before the first use, this hibachi charcoal grill has already been pre-seasoned, so it’s ready for you to start char grilling straight away! Plus, transportation becomes more accessible with the hibachi grill for the home’s sturdy feet and two integrated handles.

What We Like:

  • Two Adjustable Heights: The first thing you should know about this outdoor hibachi grill for home is that it has two adjustable heights, so whether or not you are cooking above ground level can be decided by simply adjusting the net. 
  • Air regulating doors: These doors on both sides allow easy access to charcoal just outside its enclosure.
  • Front fire grate: This hibachi grill for home ensures no open flame near where food will ultimately go when being cooked over hot coals.

What Could’ve Been Better:

  • Cast iron Structure: They take care more than their counterparts made of other materials, so if you don’t want your cookware looking dirty, this may not be for everyone as it can catch rust real quick.
  • Weight: The Outdoor Hibachi Grill is heavy for every outdoor trip.

Samdray Charcoal Grill – ⭐Best Indoor Option

Samdray Charcoal Grill Kabob Grill Portable Grill Small BBQ Grill


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The portable Hibachi grill is perfect for camping trips or small getaways. Made from durable material that can stand up against rust, this lightweight model has legs which may be its only weakness!

Business owners looking to purchase a durable Japanese grills product without too much weight on their shoulders should consider the 17x11x5-inch dimensions of our newest acquisition. 

This Tabletop hibachi grill has a ton of features, including handles that make it easy to carry around and an air vent so you can regulate the temperature better. We think these things contribute heavily towards making this product one worth considering for your next tailgate or backpacking trip!

What we Like:

  • It’s the lightest: This Hibachi Grill can quickly be taken anywhere, and with its lightweight size, it’s one of the most portable grills on this list. 
  • Affordable: These Hibachi Grills are an excellent buy for those who love cooking and want to enjoy the experience without spending too much.

What Could’ve Been Better:

  • The Two Not So Sturdy Legs: The legs on this small hibachi grill were not as sturdy and substantial feeling when we picked it up.

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill – ⭐Best Outdoor Companion

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill, Black


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This hibachi-style outdoor grills may surprise you – it’s small enough for easy transportation and compact storage but has 160 square inches (4 medium-sized steaks)of grilling space! Made from durable steel with a porcelain coating that resists rusting or cracking over time as other metals would do. A triple nickel-plated cooking grate makes excellent marks on your favorite meats while being maintained.

The Weber gas outdoor hibachi grill has an adjustable damper that can be raised or lowered to your desired temperature. The three vent holes allow you control over how hot it gets while cooking, and there’s even a protective stay-cool handle, so handling isn’t tricky. It folds down into its tiny box size for easy transport—perfect if space is at issue in tight kitchen drawers or bags.

What We Like:

  • Stay cool handles: The glass-reinforced stay cool handle in this protects your hands while you grill food, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to avoid burning their fingers.
  • Adjustable Dampers: The two adjustable dampers allow you to lower or raise the temperature depending on your grilling needs.
  • Folds Into The Size Of A Toolbox: With this outdoor hibachi grill for home, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to find a place for your outdoor cooking needs. It packs down into an easy-to-carry box that can fit in any vehicle or toolbox!

What Could’ve Been Better:

  • Temperature Guage: No temperature gauge is present to handle the searing temperatures of the portable hibachi grill.

IronMaster R36 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Hibachi Grill – ⭐Best Durable Choice

IronMaster R36 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Hibachi Grill


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To cook like a pro, you need the right equipment. The IronMaster cast iron hibachi charcoal grill offers excellent versatility and durability while providing enough space for five people!

The weight of 22 pounds is quite manageable; however, its large dimensions of 109 square inch valued cooking surface means this beauty will last longer than most other grills on today’s market.

With two adjustable heights, including a flat top, it is perfect if your picnic table isn’t big enough. You may be just looking forward to building some new memories around tailgating during football season; this tabletop hibachi grill has everything needed in one convenient package. With a cast iron hibachi grill pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and polished 3-4 times, you can enjoy the perfect steak or burger with one of the fantastic hibachi grills for home.

What We Like:

  • Reversible Plate: This hibachi charcoal grill is made of heavy cast iron, which lasts longer than other grills. The reversible plate allows you to cook both sides simultaneously and saves time. 

What Could’ve Been Better:

  • No Proper Handle: Lack of a proper handle can lead to mishaps and can also turn out to be dangerous. 

Cajun Classic Round Seasoned Cast Iron Charcoal Hibachi Grill – ⭐Best Round Grill

Cajun Classic Round Seasoned Cast Iron Charcoal Hibachi Grill


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This summer, an authentic taste of Louisiana is coming to your backyard with the Cajun Classic portable hibachi Grill. This 15-inch diameter grill can hold up to nine standard-size burgers simultaneously, ensuring that you’ll never run out in style. The Cajun Ultra-Compact Japanese Hibachi Grill is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Its small size makes it easy to carry around, but don’t let its compact appearance fool you – this small hibachi grill can smoke your food like no other. With 1800 square inches of cooking surface, there will never be another portable appliance that cooks food as beautifully or quickly in such a tiny space.

What We Like: 

  • Convenient Shape And Size: This outdoor hibachi grill is an excellent choice for camping or if you don’t have much space.
  • Durable Material:  This Japanese hibachi grill is cast iron, which helps keep the heat and cooked food evenly distributed during your meal! The manufacturer has also pre-seasoned this product to ensure maximum durability so that it can be used right away without any hassle.

What Could’ve Been Better:

  • No Proper Carrier: The Cajun Classic Japanese Grills are a large and heavy dort of grills, but their thin handle makes them difficult to carry. After some time of using this product, the wire will start breaking easily with little force applied upon impact against anything else—not exactly what you want for a small hibachi grill.

Marsh Allen 30052 Cast Iron Hibachi 10 by 18-Inch Charcoal Grill – Best Budget Choice

Marsh Allen 30052 Cast Iron Hibachi 10 by 18-Inch Charcoal Grill

You can’t go wrong with the Marsh Allen 30052 Cast Iron Hibachi charcoal grill. This Outdoor Hibachi grill is perfect for outdoor adventures and will hold up to any trip you take. Still, it also packs well enough that your favorite camping spot or hiking destination won’t be able to boast its celebrity chef.

The portable and durable cast iron Hibachi charcoal grill is the perfect tool for any outdoor or indoor event! This product was designed specifically with 157 square inches of cooking surface, three-position adjustable grids that allow you to cook almost anything on it (from meats & to vegetables), and curved up sides that keep food from moving around while being cooked over an open flame – not too mention that this stylish hibachi-style outdoor grills will make your backyard party complete.

What We Like:

  • The 157-inch Area: The spacious nature of this hibachi makes it easy to cook any food you want anywhere. The 157-inch cooking space means that there won’t be anything left out when the chefs come around. With a large cooking area and plenty of space to move around, the Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill is perfect for any outdoor event or whenever you want some excellent ol’ fashioned grilling.
  • Compact: The easy to handle and comparatively lightweight compact design of this portable Hibachi grill makes it an easy option for outdoor adventures.
  • Two Air Vents And Convenient Handles: The designers behind the Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Grill knew that having your food roll off of their product was unacceptable. So they designed the small hibachi grill with two adjustable air vents and convenient handles so you can adjust this hibachi easily while being able to use small or large flames without worrying about burning yourself on any surfaces below where the burner sits.

What Could’ve Been Better:

  • Construction: The construction of this tabletop hibachi grill is not perfect. Because it’s a low-priced product, other parts have been designed with higher quality, resulting in smoother operations over time as you use your new purchase.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Hibachi Grill

The barbecue industry has seen a significant shift in popularity over the past few years, with electric hibachi grills and propane grills overtaking the charcoal ones. But we know that there is nothing better than food grilled on natural live charcoal.

So, you’re looking for the best hibachi grills? There is such an array of options that it can become overwhelming! From small portables to big electric machines – they’ve got everything. So, look for these factors while choosing the best Japanese Hibachi grill for you: 


You might think that buying the right size of hibachi grills for you and your family would be obvious, but we’re here to tell you – it’s not! There are many different shapes available so make sure before purchase which of these Japanese grills works best with how often/ rarely you cook large meals. The small portable design is great if all food preferences lean towards quick fixes like stir-fries or steamed veggies. However, those who enjoy grilling their meats will want something more robust and spacious.

Grill Surface

When cooking on a hibachi grill, the suitable surface will help you get that perfect sear and smokey flavor. Unfortunately, the hibachi-style outdoor grill surface does not allow the heat to be distributed evenly through your food. So it’s best if they have some retention design that allows for easy handling while turning over or picking up pieces from different areas within the bowl without any problems. So choose accordingly what size, design, and space you need for your hibachi grill for home.

Air Vents And Temperature Gauges

Japanese Grills come with a variety of features to help you cook better. However, one crucial factor is how well they’re ventilated, so take note if there are air vents or dampers before purchasing.

A hibachi charcoal grill without any ventilation will be hard-pressed when trying to control temperatures because the temperature drops quickly at night time, for instance – but an excess number makes things more difficult on yourself since all those extra holes have been rounded out already by manufacturers in these Japanese grills.


Portable Hibachi Grills come in three metals: steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. While all of them can withstand even the most rigorous conditions with ease, regular rusting will happen if you don’t take care to keep your grill away from moisture – which is something consumers should think about before purchase. 

The best material to use on your hibachi grills would be cast iron. It currently wins this category due to its durability and fantastic heat retention abilities that don’t rust or bend easily under pressure. However, aluminum models will not last long if you’re not careful, so we recommend staying away from those outdoor hibachi grills.


Hibachi Grills are still one of the best methods for cooking up smaller amounts in a hurry, and they’re also sturdy, so investing once will keep you covered. No matter what type or model of hibachi grill for the home you are looking to get your hands on – whether enhanced portability, more considerable cooking surface/convenient heat control- there’s always something available in the Japanese hibachi grill that can suit them just right!

The type of hibachi grill you will buy depends mainly on the location and use it’s intended. For instance, if you plan to cook at home more often than go out or have a small outdoor space where cooking isn’t possible, then an indoor cast iron hibachis are best suited because they require little maintenance but can still get hot enough for even delicate foods like fish.