Best Portable Propane Fire Pits

Are you ready to spend relaxing nights with your family or friends? Well, nothing could be more satisfying than a night with your favorites, enjoying toasted marshmallows or steaks. Most of us don’t even think about a portable propane fire pit, whereas it is the most helpful product to buy when planning a trip outdoors. Camping or enjoying the outdoors not only means sleeping and chilling outside. The actual exciting part is the hot grilled food. For this, you will need a reliable portable mini propane fire pit. Our top picks will help you figure out the right one for yourself. We have tried multiple propane fire pits and choose the best ones to meet your needs.  

Top Portable Propane Fire Pits (2023)

Outland Fire Bowl 870 Premium Propane Firepit ⭐Best Portable Gas Fire Pit

Outland Fire Bowl 870 Premium Propane Firepit

Outland fire bowl is rated as one of the best portable propane fire pits because of its many features. Outland is known for the best fire pits, and if you want a portable one, the outland 870 fire bowl is the one for you. With a heat power of 58,000 BTU, the mini propane fire pit is compact enough to save space. The mini propane fire pit allows you to ignite the burners automatically, which means no hassles of using matchsticks. This is a lightweight, portable option for easy transportation, so you enjoy food anywhere. The price is a bit higher but is worth it. The style and features of the outland fire bowl are exceptional.  

Say hello to the new way of campfires with no ash, no mess, no smoke. It will be a valuable investment for you, especially if you love to spend your time outdoors. It is a perfect choice for beach parties, RV traveling, camping, etc. Are you worried about the campfire ban? This outland fire bowl propane campfire pit is CSA approved, which means no one will stop you from using this safe portable fire pit. Also, the pit is coated with protective enamel to ensure long-lasting service. 

What we like 

  • Sturdy construction: The steel construction makes it a durable propane campfire pit to be used anywhere for a long time. 
  • Impressive look: Its decent yet appealing look with a black finish is what we love the most. It also has fire cutouts to enhance the feel. 
  •  Spark and smoke-free: No hassles of smoke, debris, and sparks. You will have a good campfire time. 
  • Compact: The low weight and portable structure make it easier to carry it anywhere. 
  • Cover and carry kit: The product also includes the cover and carry gear for better protection along with easy storage. 

What we didn’t like 

  • None so far 

Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit ⭐Best Tailgating Pick

If you are looking for the best portable propane fire pit that is light and compact, then this 5995-fire pit is the one for you. It is an ideal choice as a portable outdoor fire pit. With 19 inches diameter and a weight of about 22 pounds, Heiniger knows how to make you feel warm on a chilly outdoor night. No matter if it’s your camping trip or just a tailgating experience, you will never regret your decision to buy this tremendous portable fire pit for the patio.  

Don’t you want to place the propane gas tank too close? No worries, Heining 5995 has all the solutions. Its 10-foot-long hose lets you maintain the distance between the portable fire pit and the propane tank. This portable outdoor fire pit will let you enjoy the warmth while spending quality time with your family or friends. It is capable of providing you and five other people with 58,000BTUs heating power. It is an excellent choice for cozy and satisfying campfires. You can move it anywhere, anytime without any hassles, which means you can have unlimited fun. 

What we like 

  • Smokeless: Heining 5995 Propane campfire pit allows you to enjoy smokeless, mess-free, and satisfying cam fire. 
  • Good heating power: the heating power is relatively high to provide warmth for about 6-7 people. 
  • Long hose: the 10-foot-long hose maintains a great distance between the gas tank and the portable outdoor fire pit. 
  • Stable: The durable construction is the reason behind its long-lasting and regular service. 

What we didn’t like 

  • Not weather or rust-resistant 

Bond Manufacturing 67836 Portable Propane Gas CampFire Pit ⭐Best Budget Choice

Bond Manufacturing 67836 Portable Propane Gas CampFire Pit

No need for ash or debris cleanup when you have bond manufacturing portable propane fire pit for camping. This ultimate solution to all your problems is not only a host of features but is too light to carry anywhere. No mess burning means no carcinogens; hence it’s safe to enjoy the campfire option. If your budget is low, this is the best pick for you because it comes with incredible features without costing you much. 

With a sophisticated design, this portable propane fire pit has a heating power of 54,000 BTUs, which means you are going to feel cozy near this portable outdoor fire pit. The mini propane fire pit is only 18 lbs., which makes it handy enough to travel with it conveniently. Its sturdy steel frame is the reason behind its long-lasting usage. You can attach a 20-pound propane tank with this pretty thing. The locking lid cover which comes with this pit protects the portable fire pit for the patio when not in use. There is an auto-ignition system for added convenience so that you don’t face any difficulty while turning it on.  

What we like 

  • 10-foot hose: Its long hose keeps the propane tank away from the fire pit. 
  • Affordable: No other propane fire pits can provide you with a bunch of features at this price.  
  • Locking lid: The propane campfire pit comes with a lid cover that you can easily lock to prevent damages and rust. 

What we didn’t like 

  • None so far

Project One Portable Propane Gas Fire Pits ⭐Top Smokeless Option 

Project One Portable Propane Gas Fire Pits

Project one has the best range to offer when it comes to a good quality propane gas fire pit. This 19-inch beauty can fulfill all your campfire needs. Project one will only require you to plug in a propane gas tank and turn it on. There is no need to worry about placing wood logs, setting them, burning them, etc.  

You can take it with you for camping, backyard patio, tailgating, and any other outdoor fun trip. Without any annoying smoke or debris, this propane fire pit can make your evening or night parties much more fun. The clean and hassle-free warmth because of the total output of 58,000BTUs is what makes it a top choice. There is a belt also included so that you can hang it up and go anywhere you want. With project one portable propane gas fire pits, you can have fun anywhere because it is CSA-approved. Hence no worries about burning forests or campfire areas.

Moreover, the construction is impressive enough. The burners and fasteners are made up of stainless steel. Whereas the rest of the body is steel coated in protective enamel. You will get an exclusive propane campfire pit which will last for years. 

What we like 

  • Low weight: This lightweight mini propane fire pit for camping is the right pick for your traveling routine. 
  • Circular base: It has a circular base for better stability. 
  • Complete kit: You get a complete kit including belt, lid, rocks, tank holder, and hose. 
  • Diamond pattern: Diamond cutouts add beauty and make it a classic pick. 

What we didn’t like 

  • Adjusting the flame may produce whistling noises or gas tearing 

Fire Sense Sporty Portable Propane Fire Pits ⭐Best overall

Being one of the best portable propane fire pits this year, fire sense sporty campfire propane fire pit never disappoints you. It is a premium tabletop gas fire pit option, especially when you want a folding camping fire pit that lasts for years. Not only is the design classic, but it performs like an incredible propane fire pit. The coat of heat-resistant paint will protect your fire pit from damages and rusting.  

Fire Sense Sporty Portable Propane Fire Pits

You can use a 20-pound LPG tank to warm up your evenings or nights. Not only will you get this exceptional propane fire pit for camping or backyard, but you also get a lid, stand, and a hose along with it. This compact fire pit measuring only 15 inches is a valuable option for a few people. Make your outdoor trips memorable with the help of this pretty little portable outdoor fire pit. Fire sense sporty propane fire pit has folding legs to fold them and carry them easily. 

What we like 

  • Folding legs: Legs can be easily folded to save space and for easy transportation as well. 
  • Portable: This firepit is quite handy and portable for the ones who love to party outside. 
  • Resistance: The enamel coat saves your mini propane fire pit from rust and weather effects.  
  • Dotted design: Along with the fantastic performance, the dotted design that covers the sides of the fire pit is to enhance the beauty of the surrounding. 

What we didn’t like

  • A bit heavier

What are the factors to consider when buying a portable propane fire pit? 

We have mentioned some of the crucial factors you should consider while purchasing a portable propane fire pit: 

Heat output 

If you are buying a tabletop gas fire pit for camping or any outdoor trip, you have to consider heat output, or else it will be a waste. If the portable fire pit has higher BTUs, then it will give you enough warmth. So, it’s better to look for it before buying so that you can buy the desired one. 

Fire Bans 

It is one of the most important factors to consider. Many brands have CSA-approved portable fire pits for the patio. The approval allows you to enjoy campfires even when there are fire bans. They are safe and approved. Hence, it is good to buy the ones that are CSA-approved. 


The weight of the portable outdoor fire pit matters a lot; if you are willing to buy a fire pit for your backyard, you can even buy a heavier one. Whereas, if it’s for traveling or tailgating, you should go for a lighter one. It will be easier for you to carry it anywhere without any hassle. 


It’s the base of the tabletop gas fire pit that decides the stability. If it’s not stable, it is not worthy. You can’t spend on a thing that cannot stand properly while giving you the warmth. Well, the angled thick legs are preferred for increased life span and perfect stability. 


The increasing demand for smokeless portable propane fire pits is resulting in improved versions. You can choose the one with the most convenient features for you. But to make it a bit easier for you, we have tested and mentioned the top 6 fire pits. We also have wat to declare our best pick, which is outland living premium fire bowl 870. It is the classic choice for camping or tailgating and comes at an affordable price. Give it a read again to understand if it meets your needs or not.