Portable Wood Burning Fire Pits

Do you love to spend your day enjoying crackling fires while relaxing in your backyard? Well, if yes, then you don’t need to go anywhere for campfires and the warmth. Also, you don’t have to build a permanent stone wood burning fire pit or worry about a smokeless wood-burning fire pit because we have brought you some great portable, classic picks. Steel or iron wood burning fire pit is a worthy investment only if you choose the right one. Therefore, we are here with the top 7 picks we tested appropriately to provide you with genuine reviews.  

Top Wood Burning Fire Pits Reviewed

Sunnydaze Northland Outdoor Fire Pit ⭐Best and Safe Outdoor Choice

Getting an outdoor wood burning fire pit that allows you to burn logs and grill at the same time, is not less than a blessing. Many best wood burning fire pits manufacturers are trying to provide both the features, sunnydaze northland outdoor fire pit is still on the top. Its huge size makes it possible for you to place it anywhere in your yard, garden or patio. The fire pit has one log burning side and the other side for grilling hotdogs and burgers. Moreover, a mesh screen with a hinged feature is used as a door for the grill grate and log burning side. All the four sides of the fire pit have tubular metal rail for easy carrying and moving.  

Not only the interior of the portable wood fire pit is great but the construction is also exceptional. This square wood burning fire pit is made up of durable rust and weather resistant steel to provide you with a long-lasting service. The black temperature resistant paint finish allows you to match it with any outside décor without any hassles.  

What we like 

  • Hinged mesh screen: The purpose is to ease the process of adding more logs or flipping burgers. 
  • Perfect Resistance: Materials and paint both are resistant to temperature, weather, and rust. 
  • Includes a grill grate: While enjoying the warmth of the fire pit, you can keep grilling your food. 
  • Tubular metal rail: The rail is to provide easy access for carrying it around 
  • Poker tool: You also get a poker tool to adjust the flame amazingly 

What we didn’t like 

  • Durability is not that good 

Y-ME Wood Burning Fire Pit ⭐Best outdoor fire Pit 

The delightful outdoor wood burning fire pit by Y-ME is worth giving a try. This 24-inch barrel shaped portable wood fire pit has enough capacity and moon-star cutouts for an attractive look. You can now make your evenings special with your loved ones because of this beautiful fire pit which is safe to use. The mesh screen will prevent debris, sparks and ember from flying out. Not only you can have a cosy environment, but you can also grill your favourites as the grill grate is already included. The grate can be used in both ways, either to provide airflow to the logs or as a grilling grate.  

The elastic hem cord lets you cover the fire pit easily so that the fire pit can stay rust-free during weather changes. There is no need to pull it indoors every time you are done with it. Leave it outside with a cover and stay worry-free. If you still want to move it anywhere, there are two side handles for your ease.  

What we like 

  • Sturdy construction: The small wood burning fire pit comprises heavy-duty steel that withstands easily different conditions. 
  • Grill grate: It is a versatile choice because of the grilling feature. 
  • Moon-star cutouts: These are great to make your fire pit look modern and adorable while giving you enough warmth. 
  • Elastic hem cord: The cover will protect your fire pit from rusting and damages.  

What we didn’t like 

  • Grilling results are not good 

Fire Sense Portable Wood Burning Fire Pit ⭐Best Compact Fire Pit

Measuring about 29 inches, this small and portable wood fire pit is suitable for your fire needs. The fire sense fire pit is designed in such a way to make your garden more beautiful. For added convenience, the legs are collapsible. You can easily fold the legs and carry them in the bag which comes with the fire pit.  

No matter if it’s a camping trip or a backyard party, you can enjoy the cosy environment with the help of this incredible outdoor wood burning fire pit. You also get a mesh screen and a poker tool with the pit to control the wood-burning area. There is a fire grate included for easy cleaning and better airflow. The mesh screen, along with the entire body, is painted with heat resistant and weather resistant black paint. So, all your worries are gone when you buy a fire sense portable wood burning fire pit. 

What we like 

  • Folding legs: You can fold the legs of the fire pit to carry it quickly. 
  • Compact size: It is not too big nor too small, with a perfect size for enough log capacity. 
  • Wood and cooking grate: You can use the grate for both grilling and wood burning. 
  • Good for travelling: This fire pit is highly suitable for travelling. You can carry it anywhere within a compact carry bag. 

What we didn’t like 

  • It holds water which increases the chances of rusting 
  • The cooking grate is not so functional 

Sunnydaze Northern Galaxy Fire Pit ⭐Best for the family outdoor night

Sunnydaze Northern Galaxy Fire Pit

One of the most functional, massive, and square wood burning fire pits is the sunnydaze northern galaxy fire pit. This 32-inch beauty has the ability to handle loads of wood logs. Unlike other portable wood fire pits, the sunnydaze northern galaxy fire pit is made up of high-quality thick steel to increase durability. This deep fire pit has rust and heat resistant paint all over it with a bronze shade to make it reliable and appealing at the same time. 

Moreover, there is a rail so that you can clean and carry it conveniently. It features two grates for better usage, one built-in wood grate and the other folding cooking grate. Yes, you read it right; the folding cooking grate is what makes it different from others. The built-in grate will allow for better airflow. At the same time, the cooking grate will make you grill finger-licking meals. The poker will help you adjust the flame, mesh screen and changing positions of logs. All the sides of this fire pit have a mesh sheet for increased ventilation and warmth. What else you want? 

What we like 

  • Folding cooking grate: As the grate is foldable, you will not need to remove it and add it every time. Just fold the grate if you don’t want to cook.  
  • Huge size: The fire pit is big enough to easily provide a cosy environment for about 5-6 adults. 
  • Easy cleaning: You can clean the fire pit anytime without any hassles with the help of the side rail. 
  • 3-star pattern: You can impress your friends with the captivating 3-star design. 

What we didn’t like 

  • The mesh spark screen is not durable 

Sunnydaze Large Copper Finish Fire Pit ⭐Easy to Clean

If you are a fan of ancient items and the best wood burning fire pits, it’s time to get a sunnydaze copper finish wood burning fire pit. The design of this incredible beauty resembles details from the Middle Ages. What more satisfying? The fire pit seems a bit heavier, whereas, in actuality, it is lightweight. It doesn’t mean the construction is not sturdy. It is painted with a copper finish which makes it rust and heatproof. A poker manages logs and a mesh screen to avoid sparks or debris from ruining your gathering.  

To your surprise, there are two drainage holes to make your cleaning much easier. No water will be held down in there. Your fire pit will remain clean and dry.  

What we like 

  • Traditional look: Copper finish along with the classic details are to add beauty to this fire pit. 
  • Lightweight: This small wood burning fire pit is quite impressive to get a fire pit that is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. 
  • Drainage holes: No need to worry about the drainage and cleaning because the fire pit features two holes at the base. 
  • Portable: Carry this portable wood fire pit anywhere with the help of the handles it has.  
  • Consist a wood grate: It also has a wood grate to increase the ventilation. 

What we didn’t like 

  • Not a long lasting fire pit 

BALI Outdoors Wood Buring Fire Pit ⭐Best Cooking Fire pit

Make your kebabs, hotdogs, and patties juicier and more flavorful by cooking them on the swivel top of this pretty outdoor fire pit. BALI outdoors wood burning fire pit has an exceptional design with a cooking grate top to increase the fun of family nights. You can cook about any food conveniently on this thing while getting enough warmth for a chilly evening. 

The outer ledge covers the portable wood fire pit; you can even use it for placing grilling supplies. The grill top is adjustable, which means you can easily cook whatever you want by setting it up, down, right or left. It will also affect the temperature. Use the poker to move the grill top when you want to move the logs. The convincing triangular design makes room for better ventilation. The base is quite durable because of the added circular ring around the legs.  

What we like 

  • Outer ledge: It makes the grilling experience more enjoyable by giving you a space to place your grilling supplies or even drinks.  
  • Swivel top: The fire pit lets you cook incredibly because of the adjustable swivel grilling top. 
  • Stable construction: Along with the thick steel construction, there is a circular ring to make the base stable. 
  • Safe to Use: This exceptional fire pit is entirely safe for use for wood burning and even grilling. 

What we didn’t like 

  • You don’t get a mesh screen, but that doesn’t matter when you get so many beneficial features. 

KINGSO Wood Burning Fire Pits ⭐Best Budget Choice

Small wood burning fire pit, but big enough to provide warmth to 4-5- adults, kingso is one of the top outdoor wood burning fire pits. Kingso is known to be an affordable and reliable fire pit for the perfect camping fire. The fire pit is designed to stay firm against weather changes, rusting, and higher temperatures. You also get a spark screen along with poker to avoid any sparks and debris from coming out. There is also a ring on the top of the mesh cover for easy handling. 

KINGSO Wood Burning Fire Pits

Using this portable wood fire pit is a great way to enhance the fun of your BBQ or beach parties. Moreover, the appealing look of Kingso fire pit makes your outdoor more impressive. 

What we like 

  • Sturdy base: The legs on the bottom of the fire pit are durable enough to handle the pressure and load. 
  • Mesh screen: You are safe from the spark and troubles of burning woods because of the mesh screen. 
  • Deep bowl: It has a big, deep bowl to put many logs at once. 
  • Lightweight: The fire pit is quite handy to take it anywhere. 
  • Easy to assemble: Assembling this cute portable wood burning fire pit is quite easy. 

What we didn’t like 

  • None so far 

What are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Wood Burning Fire Pit? 

There a few things you should keep in mind while buying the best wood burning fire pit: 


The material of the fire pit decides the life span it. If it’s of high quality, thick steel, the fire pit will last for long. Some are stainless; some are raw enough to get rust easily, some needs a cover and some are painted with special resistant paint. It depends on your budget and preferences. 


Every fire pit has a different shape and size. We have mentioned both smaller and huge ones for your convenience. You can choose from any of our popular picks according to your backyard size and helping hands you will get to move the fire pit. Try to consider the bowl depth as well because it will let you know about the log capacity.  


Using a fire pit is not a cup of tea. Hence you should be careful while using a wood-burning fire pit. Most of the fire pits come with a mesh screen to prevent embers, sparks, debris. They are safe to use until you ignore tree limbs, roof covers, and fire catching structures near the fire pit. 


Every other feature is invisible if the construction of the wood-burning fire pit is not sturdy. Only a durably constructed fire pit will work wonders for a long time. You will get a chance to enjoy various features and high-performance wood burning with a stable fire pit.  


Even an expensive fire pit will spoil your family night if not the appropriate one. Therefore, spending a considerable amount goes well; you also have to focus on the required features to make a correct choice. Go for a budget-friendly option to make it work for you like no other. 


The feeling of spending a night near a reliable steel or stone wood burning fire pit along with your friends or family sounds so relaxing. Well, the actual thing that matters is the best wood burning fire pit. You should look for all the required features before purchasing a fire pit. Only the best wood burning fire pits 2021 will work the way you want. Hence, our top picks and their reviews are to help you find the best one. 

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