BBQ Meatloaf


One of America’s favorite comfort foods is meatloaf. BBQ Meatloaf, therefore, seems like a logical evolution to this awesome meal. First, it’s got meat which is a requirement for my BBQ menu. Actually, that’s it – it has meat, which gives us a platform to experiment from. So, along those lines, I prepared my first … Read more

Grilled Garlic Chicken Wings

Grilled garlic chicken wings are one of my wife’s favorites. She has this thing for garlic. I do them on a Bubba Keg, which is a convection grill using natural lump charcoal. However, with a marinade like I’m preparing, you can do it on a gas grill and they will taste good too – just … Read more

BBQ Talk for Chicken and Other Things That Fly

Chicken recipe bbq is a page that deals with chicken and presents recipes and techniques that are remarkably easy. And if done properly – oh so tender and tasty. People tend to get a little nervous when dealing with “chicken recipe bbq”, I think, because they’ve either had undercooked fowl- yuk!- inedible, or they’ve had … Read more

Simple Homemade BBQ Sauce

So you want to make your own homemade BBQ sauce? Fantastic-there is way too much mediocre BBQ sauce out there: too thick, too cloying with overuse of liquid smoke, and, well, insipid. On the previous page, I told you that the sauce most people think of as the perfect “BBQ sauce recipe” is the Kansas … Read more

Rotisserie Grill Chicken Recipe

Rotisserie Grill Chicken is simply the best way to cook chicken. It is on my “Last Supper”list. My wife claims I am a freak because I have a need to rank things and know at all times my favorite things. To wit, I have a need to know, in case you stopped me in the … Read more

BBQ Sandwiches

BBQ Love with white bread. Does it get any better? BBQ sandwiches are typically lunch fare. But have two or three and they make a nice dinner as well… They can be as simple as a hunk of brisket with a pickle or two wrapped up in white bread as seen below at the outstanding … Read more

Pulled Pork Taco Recipes

Pulled pork tacos. An embarrassment of riches if done right. And a great way to use leftover bbq pork butt. Typically I maintain that any pulled pork tacos should use corn tortillas, but with the advent of Korean pork tacos, I will change my tune a bit. For these you should use FLOUR. So what’s … Read more

Crockpot BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

Crock pot pork pulled. Yes I know. The home page touts that this is a site devoted to only authentic ‘cue. But what happens if it’s winter and there’s a foot of snow on the ground? Or its mid week? Simple, you need a recipe for crock pot pulled pork, or in my case one for … Read more