BBQ Talk for Chicken and Other Things That Fly

Chicken recipe bbq is a page that deals with chicken and presents recipes and techniques that are remarkably easy. And if done properly – oh so tender and tasty.

People tend to get a little nervous when dealing with “chicken recipe bbq”, I think, because they’ve either had undercooked fowl- yuk!- inedible, or they’ve had overcooked breasts- dry as a board.

This fear of cooking the bird- big or small- reaches its peak at Thanksgiving, when oodles of novice cooks stare at the turkey on their counter and wonder why the f*@& they volunteered to cook.

The fact is most bbq poultry recipes, be it bbq duck, or bbq turkey for that matter all set the cook up for failure just by the way the birds themselves are put together.

On birds- underused or fast twitch muscle is white meat. Long endurance muscles- whether it’s muscles for walking like the chicken, or wings and breast for long distance flying, like the goose are dark.

As I’m sure you know, dear reader, the breast cooks in a shorter period of time and can dry out easily, while the legs and thigh take longer to cook. So what the hell are you supposed to do?

Well- it’s easy. Any time I go to make a recipe for bbq poultry I start with a brine. This is not uncommon these days. (it’s also great with pork) A barbecue chicken recipe using brine as the first step will yield a more flavorful juicy bird.

Next, depending on the cooking method I use foil or some other barrier to shield the breast meat and slow down the cooking process, so the timing for both can be the same.

(Or, if presentation for your bbq bird is not an issue, you can, of course, separate all of these pieces and cook them for different times. Like the baked bbq chicken recipe here.)

After you brine your bird- it’s remarkably easy to make a great “chicken recipe bbq.”. One of my favorites is a whole chicken, which I call the Dixie chicken. Brined first, and then rubbed with my rub, and smoked, this is a great bbq recipe and is easily adaptable to make the classic beer can chicken.

If you don’t have a smoker, or don’t feel like firing it up, you can oven roast your bird and just finish with sauce, or put your bird on your gas grill.

I will be continually adding recipes, whether it’s just breast meat, or the whole bird and for other types of fowl.

This is your starting point for bbq chicken recipes, smoked wings, grilled chicken Diablo under a brick and even some fantastic duck wings and smoked duck livers, so check back often!

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