Chicken Brine Recipe

Most BBQ Chicken Recipes will be better with this chicken brine recipe

Brine recipe chicken is a recipe for an all purpose saltwater solution that will help any barbeque chicken recipe (or pork for that matter.) I will not bore you with the chemistry, but suffice to say that the salt-seasoned water is infused in the meat and makes the meat far juicier than before.

Also, I know you won’t over cook anything, but a brined piece of meat gives you a bit more leeway if you happen to overcook it, or if your guests are slow to be seated…

Below the recipe yields a large amount. Feel free to scale it up or down. And since these magic liquids are flavor carriers, play around with some additional seasonings!


1 cup Salt

1 cup Sugar

2 gallons water

4 Bay Leaves

Mix all ingredients.

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