Crisp BBQ Duck Recipe

BBQ Duck is really no different than making a bbq chicken recipe, except for the fact that the smoked duck takes a bit longer to cook.

I love barbeque duck on its own, with a bit of sauce on the side.

But there are other ways to serve this bird, and without a doubt, my absolute favorite is to make smoked duck egg rolls. So what’s the difference between making a bbq chicken recipe and duckling? The duckling, especially if you are using a farm-raised Pekin like the brand Maple Leaf Farms, which weigh about 4-5lbs, will take longer to cook.

Typically I find that a duck takes about 6-8 hours to cook at 200 degrees. Of course, it will be done faster, but to make it sufficiently tender, and have much of the fat drain, you will need more time.

So, here we go:

BBQ Duck Recipe

Brine the duck overnight.

Remove from the brine, pat dry with paper towels inside and out. With a fork, pierce the skin of the duck all over, to allow fat to drain.

Rub the duck inside and out with the all pupose rub. I highly recommend having a water pan in your smoker underneath the duck to catch the fat and keep the chamber moist.

I smoke the duck for about four hours breast side down, to allow fat to baste the breast, and then turn the ducky right side up. Serve with your favorite sauce. For another treat, chill the duck, split it in half or keep it whole and plunge it in 350 degree oil to reheat and make the skin crisp. This method is delicious as an Asian inspired bbq recipe, but it is a bit messy and you will need a turkey fryer or the like.


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