Crockpot BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

Crock pot pork pulled. Yes I know.

The home page touts that this is a site devoted to only authentic ‘cue. But what happens if it’s winter and there’s a foot of snow on the ground? Or its mid week? Simple, you need a recipe for crock pot pulled pork, or in my case one for an oven pulled pork recipe!

But how to get close to the flavor? Read on.

Since crock pots typically heat to 170 degrees Fahrenheit on low and 190-200 degrees on high, I use these temperatures as a guide for cooking the pork. The method is the same for crock pot pork pulled as for oven pork from the ingredients, right down to your piece of pork – Boston butt bone-in preferably. (Known as the shoulder.) In fact the only difference is that using a crock pot, there is no need to wrap the meat in foil.

Once you have this meat cooked and on-hand, simple shredding will yield pork nirvana: For sandwiches, for tacos, for burritos, on top of nachos, dabbed behind your ears.

And, if you use this method, many of the juices (and yes, fat) that normally drip into the smoker stay at home and make your pork roast butt not only tender but really really juicy.

So here we go: Recipe Crock pot pork pulled

You will need:

1 piece Pork Boston Butt (picnic will work, but boston has more yield) The one pictured below weighs 6.75 lbs and will yield approximately 3 pounds of meat.

Step 1: Using a pastry brush, paint on the Liquid smoke.

Step 2: Coat the meat liberally with rub. For a piece of meat this size, you almost cannot use too much. This of course, depends on how salty your rub is.

Step 3: wrap the meat in heavy duty aluminum foil. (skip this step if using a crock pot)

Step 4: Put the meat in the crock pot, or in a roasting pan and place in the oven. Place crock pot on high, or set oven to 190 degrees.

Step 5: Wait! The pork butt will take approximately 16 hours of tantalizing waiting, but the reward follows.(So, if you put the piggy on at 11:00 am Saturday, your Super Bowl Meal will be ready at 5:00 pm Sunday. Nice.)

Below, you can see how the pork looks and all of the great juices that come with it! The crock pot pork will have them in the pot- even easier…

Step 6: Using tongs or gloved hands, pull the pork from the bone and hand shred.

Step 7: Mix the pork pulled off of the bone with sauce. The sauce pictured below, is from my old restaurant- one of the last bottles left.

“Duke’s Barbeque Sauce” is my FAVORITE sauce.

I like to reserve the juices and then mix with the sauce to the desired consistency. For added flavor I add ½ cup of Frank’s Red Hot sauce.

Now find a cheap white hamburger bun, pile on some meat, some slaw, and find your bliss.

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