Rotisserie Grill Chicken Recipe

Rotisserie Grill Chicken is simply the best way to cook chicken.

It is on my “Last Supper”list.

My wife claims I am a freak because I have a need to rank things and know at all times my favorite things. To wit, I have a need to know, in case you stopped me in the post office, my top five favorite movies, books, or record albums (to anyone under 40 reading this those are plastic pizza- sized discs that when you put a special needle on them and spin them around really fast, produce music)

So it should come as no surprise, that I have a favorite meals list, or a “last supper”list.

Rotisserie Grill Chicken rightfully is in the top 3 of my last supper list. You may ask, if I have not lulled you to sleep why this type of easy bbq chicken recipe is so great.

Well, to start with, if you brine the bird, it will be juicy, and seasoned form the inside out. Second, the skin will be crisp, and mahogany brown with most of the non-essential fat dripped out.

But the real game changer is that the chicken, cooked over live coals and/or hard wood, will impart a divine, not-too-smokey flavor. Perfect to go with some great bbq sauce, or served upscale with sautéed wild mushrooms or the like.

However, to make it properly it takes a few steps, and unfortunately an investment in a rotisserie.


If you do not own a weber kettle charcoal grill, let me try and talk you into it!

To my mind, they are quite simply the easiest to use, most adaptable and cost –effective outdoor-bbq on the market. Once you have your kettle it’s time to buy the rotisserie, but more on that later.

My absolute favorite of the Weber kettle charcoal grills available now is this one with the attached stand:

Yes, I know it’s a little pricey. BUT, the combination of the ash catcher and functional side table make it extremely attractive. However, the real beauty here is the propane coal starter. Propane does not give an “off” flavor, and you can say goodbye to chimneys, as functional as they might be. So, for me it’s worth it.

And the new cool colors like green and black are something.

I must confess I was limited by my wife to get the Weber 741001 22 1/2-Inch One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill and I highly recommend it…but I still regret not trading up- it’s kind of like getting the standard v6 when a V8 is available!

Enough grills, let’s talk chicken. A great free-range bird is nice for rotisserie grill chicken, but not essential. Indeed one of the reasons I love this bbq recipe for rotisserie grill chicken, is that it is not unreasonable to find a bird for $.99 per pound- and in this day and age that is welcome!

As I said above, I brine the chicken overnight for flavor. You can do this with this brine recipe to which I add a few bay leaves, about 1 tsp of dried thyme, and 2-3 cloves of garlic.

Once the chicky comes out of his salt bath, I put him in the fridge for about an hour to dry the skin. Next I truss.

To truss or not to truss?

Well, I prefer it, although I’ve read much on both sides of the subject.

I then insert ½ lemon in the cavity.

Then it’s on the rotisserie. The Weber 2290 Rotisserie Grill page provides pictures of the whole rotisserie grill chicken operation for you to follow and see why I’m so in love with this method and this grill and attachment.

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