Best Sausage Stuffers (2023)

Let’s deal with it. Cooking ready-made and store-bought sausages can be boring at times when you crave something spicy and tempting. An unbalanced salt, spice, or too many flavorings can spoil the whole mood for fiery hot dogs or a well-seasoned sausage roll. To end this trouble, we have tried and reviewed some of the best sausage stuffers to make your life easier and more flavorsome.

Whether you want to make Breakfast Sausage or Italian sausages with mild seasoning, these sausage stuffers are no exception but a great addition to your kitchen tools. This article has articulated the best quality choices for sausage stuffers. Dig below to find more. 

Weston 86-0701-W Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffer, 7-Pound – ⭐Best Overall

Weston 86-0701-W Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffer, 7-Pound

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The Weston 86-0701-W vertical manual sausage stuffer is a crucial player for making all types of sausages. The stainless-steel cylinder and steel gears are built to last. This manual sausage stuffer from Weston has four stainless steel funnels allowing you to manufacture snack skewers, pepperoni, sausage, and more. The product is designed with Dual-speed gears enabling swift elevation of the plunger to manage the filling process precisely. It includes a strong duty tilt-out cylinder that makes loading this stuffer straightforward. At the same time, it’s a big 7 Ib. capacity provides the room required to manufacture enormous amounts of sausage. In addition, the entire device is meant to sit on your counter, and built-in rubber feet keep it from shifting while in use. Finally, the pressure release valve guarantees that all of the meat in your stuffer is used.

What We Liked:

  • Dual Speed Steel Gears: This meat stuffer model has qual-speed steel gears, making it easier and quicker to load the cylinder. 
  • Pressure Release Valve: This manual sausage stuffer is equipped with pressure-release valves that control the flow of meat and don’t slide bubbles inside the sausages. 
  • Rubber Feet: one of the most critical factors for vertical sausage stuffer is the ability to hold over countertop surfaces. For this, the Weston sausage stuffer has rubber feet, allowing great hold and stability as you process the meat

What We Didn’t Like:

Meat Residues: Although this model by Weston is designed with dual speed, the meat residues or ending stuff rarely come out quickly.

Hakka 7 Lb/3 L Sausage Stuffer 2 Speed Stainless Steel Vertical 5-7 Lb Sausage Maker  – ⭐Quality in Budget

Hakka Sausage Stuffer


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The SV-3 Model from Hakka Brother is a vertical sausage stuffer purely made from stainless steel. Every part of this product that contacts food directly reaches up to SGS food hygiene standards. Overall, this model is easier to use and comes in 2 different filling rates. Either you can fill in 7 pounds or 3 liters of your stuffing. This model gives the best results. 

The product comes with 4 different funnels. This includes a 2/3 inches (16mm) S/S cylinder nozzle, a 5/8 inches (22mm) S/S nut nozzle, a 1-1/4 inches (32mm) S/S screw nozzle, and a 1-1/2 inches (38mm) S/S Sausage making nozzle. In addition, it has 2 different speeding systems, which allow you to release the plunger for quick and easy refilling. The Sv-3 is easy to handle and maintain as it is equipped with an incorporated gear module. This model is equally ideal for homes and restaurants due to its different funnels and hassle-free maintenance. 

What We Liked:

  • Stainless steel and chrome construction: the Hakka SV-3 Stuffer is ideal because it has long-lasting gears to the stainless-steel frame.
  • Versatile Handle: The ergonomic design chrome-plated polypropylene handle makes it easy to hold and spin. 
  • Air Release Nozzle: The metal piston with a built-in air release valve allows air to escape from the top of the cylinder. This reduces the possibility of your sausage links accumulating large air bubbles.
  • Flexible Cylinder: The Hakka Stuffer’s cylinder tilts back to make filling simpler. This is especially useful given how tall the stuffer is when put on a counter.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Meat Caught at the Elbow: The casing has an unpleasant propensity to bunch up at the tube’s elbow. This can cause kinks in your links and disrupt the chain’s uniformity. 

LEM Products 1606 5-Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer – ⭐Value for Money

LEM Products 1606 5-Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer

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Budget and quality are the two main characteristics of this product featured exclusively by LEM. With a stainless-steel vertical design, the LEM sausage stuffer 1606 holds 5 pounds of meat at a time, allowing a sufficient number of sausages to be made. The cylinder of this product is easily removable for refilling and maintenance. Besides, it features two clamps to keep the device in place on your countertop. The LEM sausage stuffer only weighs 12 pounds. This sausage stuffer includes three separate plastic stuffing tubes to accommodate various sizes of sausage links. It has a ½ inch, a ¾ inch tube, and a 1-inch ID (11/16″, 7/8″, 1″ OD) plastic stuffing tube. The gears are secured by a protective gear box assuring the safety of the components and food.

What We Liked:

  • Removable Cylinder: The ability to remove the cylinder enables loading your casing inside easier than with other vertical stuffers. Instead of lifting a casing or meat above the cylinder, just remove the cylinder and pack everything in at a more suitable height or place.
  • Air Release Valve: The LEM sausage Stuffer includes an air release valve incorporated into the piston to allow air to escape from the top of the machine. This makes your sausage more even and eliminates the need to needle plenty of holes in the casing to remove air bubbles.
  • Carbon Steel Gears: The carbon steel gears ensure durability and dependability. The handle turns sturdy and smooth throughout the filling process. It rarely causes any jams or slides.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Small Clamps: The supplied clamps are small and would only work with thinner surfaces. This automatically excludes many standard home kitchen countertops.
  • Handle Slippage: The handle attachment is excessively loose in this model. Even if you proceed slowly and take your time, it’s simple to unscrew or slip the handle.

Happybuy Manual Sausage Stuffer Maker 5L Capacity Two Speed Vertical Meat Filler, Commercial and Home Use – ⭐Best Budget Choice



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Going the extra mile with manual sausage stuffers, Happybuy has brought this manual sausage stuffer constructed entirely of stainless steel. The model is simple to put together and use and holds the capacity of approximately 5 liters of meat. This stainless-steel sausage stuffer has a rapid and slow speed adjustment. An ergonomic handle makes operating easier, more efficient, and more convenient. To guarantee long-term durability, all parts in direct contact with food meet SGS food hygiene requirements. Five distinct sausage stuffing tubes of different diameters are available for use in kitchens, bars, restaurants, and various other food processing establishments. This Sausage Stuffer includes three silicone seal rings that regulate air in and out for an excellent pressure effect. Because of its vertical shape, it can be readily mounted to most surfaces.

What We Liked:

  • Small and Easy to Handle Size: The overall height of this sausage stuffer is about 25.2 inches which makes it easier to handle and clean. 
  • Large Capacity: This vertical manual sausage stuffer machine has a large capacity of 5 liters / 7.7 lbs. and is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.
  • Stainless Steel Gears: Unlike other sausage stuffers that come with plastic gears, this vertical sausage machine is entirely made up of stainless steel. This adds durability and reduces damages. 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Sharp Edges: The corners and edges of this product’s side pieces are not anchored and can cut you through if not appropriately managed.
  • Metal Base: this manual sausage stuffer doesn’t come with rubber feet. Due to its metal base, which is also small, this sausage stuffer often slides down the counter.  
  • Crank Handle: Although the overall manual sausage stuffer is pure stainless steel, the crank handle finish often comes out rusty and dull. 

MASTER FENG Sausage Stuffer – Stainless Steel Homemade Manual Sausage Maker Horizontal Meat Filling Kitchen Machine,(6 LBS /3.5L Horizontal) – ⭐ Top Beginner’s Choice

MASTER FENG Sausage Stuffer


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If you’re searching for a simple sausage stuffer, this model could be the best option. It holds the capacity of 6 lbs/3.5 liters, ideal for beginners. The machine body is made entirely of stainless steel, making it extremely sturdy. It features a fixed clips base horizontal construction that keeps the machine steady when creating sausages. This horizontal sausage stuffer comes with 8 tubes in total. 4 stainless steel tubes and 4 plastic tubes of diameters of 14mm, 18mm, 21mm, and 25mm. This enables the production of various sizes of sausages and salamis. The sausage machine is simple to disassemble; after each use, unwind the force disc from the cask and remove all the rotating pieces and funnel. One of the most intriguing features is its one-person maneuverability. This sausage stuffer is simple to use and takes very little time to complete.

What We Liked:

  • One Man Handling: With its compact design, this horizontal sausage stuffer is ideal for home chefs and people that like to work individually. There is less effort in cranking the device, ensuring easy-to-put sausage stuffing. 
  • Carbon Steel Gears: The gears on these Sausage Stuffers are made of Carbon Steel which allows smooth handling and processing of meat. 
  • Air Release Valve: This model is equipped well with an air release valve with its piston that allows the extra air to escape instead of going into sausage stuffing. 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cap and Gasket: In this Horizontal sausage stuffer, the weakest point appears to be the cap and gasket that screw onto the body to retain the meat funnel in place. If this portion is not tightened, the gasket will be pushed out of place, and some meat will escape through the funnel’s bottom.


Hakka 11 Lbs (5 liter) Sausage Stuffer 2 Speed Steel Horizontal Sausage Stuffer Maker – ⭐Ideal for Home Chefs

Hakka 11 Lbs (5liter) Sausage Stuffer 2 Speed Steel Horizontal Sausage Stuffer Maker


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Hakka Sausage Stuffers are overall the best products that are pocket friendly and have good specifications. Hakka’s horizontal sausage stuffer maker model has 11 pounds of capacity that are ideal for home and commercial usage. Like the vertical sausage stuffer, this model is equipped with two-speed systems that allow quicker and smoother processing. Likewise, all parts of this Hakka sausage stuffer that directly contact food reach the SGS food hygiene standard. The model comes with 4 different nozzles:  4 different plastic nozzles: 1/2 inch (10 mm), 8 inches (20 mm), 1-1/4 inch (30 mm), and 1-2/3 inch (40 mm). The cylinder of the Hakka Sausage Stuffer tilts back for easy filling. A metal piston with an air release valve lets air flow up and out of the top rather than into the sausage casing. 

What We Liked:

  • Faster and Easier Maneuvering: This horizontal sausage stuffer is of high quality. It’s simple to set up and utilize. With primary loading care, the easy-to-clean plunger vent works quite well, essentially eliminating air infusion concerns. Furthermore, with its rapid processing, it produces a large number of sausages in a short period.
  • High Stability: The horizontal Hakka sausage stuffer is remarkably stable because of its lower center of gravity. It does not move or wobble because it is not clamped to the counter while filling.
  • Less meat Remains: Due to its horizontal design, this Hakka sausage stuffer has fewer meat remains than the vertical ones. 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Quality of Cylinder: The quality of its canister is not very high standard as the sides of the cylinder and brackets can be bent. If not handled properly, it easily comes off after or during some heavy-duty processing. 

What are the factors to consider when buying a Sausage Stuffer?

Sausage Stuffers are a vital kitchen aiding tool that can make your life easier and more convenient. However, always look out for these most critical considerations to select your ideal sausage stuffer when buying one for yourself.

➡️Sausage Stuffer Type: Always seek a proper match for your kitchen that you can simply operate with. There are three varieties of sausage stuffers: horn, vertical, and horizontal.

Horn Sausage stuffers are always manual and fashioned with cast iron. Vertical and horizontal sausage stuffers are available in both manual and motorized configurations.

➡️Capacity & Size: Like a sausage enthusiast, you obviously want one that is large enough that you aren’t continually reloading. However, it is recommended that you always pick one that fits in your kitchen and that you are comfortable moving around.

➡️Manual or Automated (Motorized): Manual sausage stuffers are less costly than motorized or electric sausage stuffers. These have a foot pedal to free up your hands. On the other hand, manual stuffers are often smaller and more compact than electric stuffers. The main disadvantage is that you won’t have both hands free to concentrate on creating the sausages.

➡️Price: Quality comes at a cost. It is evident that spending more than $100 on a well-made, specialized stuffer will result in a genuinely excellent sausage stuffer. Instead of purchasing a low-cost item, investing a bit extra can save money in the long term. Because higher-priced stuffers are less likely to break down, you won’t have to buy a completely new model.

Final Verdict:

Purchasing your own specialized sausage stuffer is generally the last step on the path to becoming a sausage obsessive crazy. You’ve undoubtedly tried creating your own and given up after getting annoyed with a caulking gun or the attachment that comes with your meat grinder. So, instead of stressing, simplify your life. Thanks to this tutorial, you now have various alternatives to choose from and begin producing your own sausage at home.

Enjoy your cooking!